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Psychotherapy is a process where a person seeks help from a psychologist in order to improve the quality of her/his life, through a change in behavior, attitudes, thoughts or emotions.

There are many things that can make us suffer, sometimes related to situations that we can not change (like the loss of a loved one, a layoff, a break, a disease), others, we can change things but we are not aware of them (for example, how to read a situation or a comment, an attitude towards life, false beliefs or mistaken thoughts), but in both cases, we may accept the situation, whatever it is, and learn to look it differently.

Because if I can change my gaze, that will help me to think and feel differently, to face what it’s happening and even if it hurts, do not need to suffer. Because pain and suffering, are two different things.

Psychotherapy will help in this process, bringing light to your questions, helping you to face what avoided before and offering alternatives to learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. In short, allowing the discomfort gradually go, to make way for power and personal control.