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Nutritional Strategic Coaching



Nutritional Strategic Coaching

Coaching is the process where the person stablish certain objectives that wants to achieve, from the place where that person it in the present. In the case of nutritional coaching, these goals are related towards the  nutrition of the person.

And, why strategic?

Because this coaching is a methodology based on the strategic brief therapy and uses the resources that it provides to take the person, as quickly and efficiently as posible, to achieve their goals.


The first thing to consider is if you want to meet a challenge (eg, get a certain weight) or overcome a problem (for example, something in your life is preventing or hindering that you can reach your goal). And this distinction is critical, because if you are in the second case, you’ll have to “go through” that obstacle or overcome that problem so you can really take the steps needed to achieve your goal.

Step 1: Define your goal

This definition should be specific, measurable, achievable, positive, realistic and temporalized.

We have to ask ourselfves, what do I want? For example, losing 6 kilos in three months from April to June.

Step 2: Challenge or problem?

In case there is an obstacle that prevents you from moving towards your goal, you have to get over it or find a way around it.

Step 3: Start with the small

That means to ask you the question: what is the smallest thing I could do in the direction towards my goal? For example, eat 2 times a day vegetables (raw or boiled) with meals.

Step 4: Each day do something about


And so, without thinking about dieting, but eating with common sense and taking small steps, you will reach your goal.