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Gestalt Therapy

Terapia GestaltGestalt therapy is a humanistic therapy that takes into account the integration of mind, body and emotions. It focuses on the present and helps people break free from blockages and unfinished situations in order to be more aware of themselves, needs and feelings. It is a therapy for personal growth, self-fulfillment and development of human potential.

Through exercises in which the person has to be in contact with herself/himself, will learn to listen, to know how she or he feels and what does she or he needs. And this is basic, because we spend our lives reacting to things, situations and people and, we are not even aware of it, because we are running, automatically, as robots.

It is very important to be conscious about what it’s pushing you, in your life, to press the bottom of “disconnect the automatically form” and turn on the “manual” one, so you recover the freedom to choose and ask what you want, what you feel and what you need.