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Brief Strategic Therapy

“Reality is not what happens to us, but what we do with what happens to us” A.Huxley.

Terapia Breve Estratégica

Brief Strategic Therapy it’s a solution-focused psychotherapy Model that tries to get the problem solved in the shortest time possible. It is based on a strategic logic, not ordinary (thinking differently, sometimes, even with totally paradoxical thoughs) and takes into account the person’s attempted solutions that, most of the times, maintain the problem.

How many times do we find ourselves doing “more of the same” to solve a problem that we do not know how to fix it? For example, I want my child/husband/fellow worker/friend…to be more autonomous and independent and take responsibility for his things, but as he doesn’t do it, I keep on doing it for him. My attempted solution is to tell him, again and again even untill boredom, but … if I see that it doesn’t solve the problem, why do I keep telling him the same? Don’t you think it would be a good option to change strategy?

With a constructivist base, believes that reality is constructed based on the perceptions we have. And our language helps us to create our reality. Have you ever heard how yo explain your own story? Have you tried to tell it to you in a different way? and, how do you explain to yourself or others the things that happen in your life?

Sometimes, we do not know what to do about a situation, others we know what to do but not how to communicate it and it could happen as well that, even knowing what to do and how to say it, I became lock in front of the other. Therefore, the interaction, the relationship and the communication are very important in solving  problems with brief strategic therapy.